Direct Porcelain Bonding

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BEFORE: Congenital Missing Teeth     .

AFTER: Direct Porcelain Bonding to Reshape Pointed Teeth

(Single Tooth Replacement)

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BEFORE: Severe Congenital Enamel Defects

AFTER: Restored to Health & Full Smile

(Porcelain Crowns)

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Our Commitment

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Creating and sustaining a beautiful, healthy smile is the main priority for Dr. Novelly and his team. The office atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing!

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Upper and Lower Arch Rehabilitation

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BEFORE: Darkened, Decayed, Misaligned Teeth

AFTER: Restored to Health & Function with Satisfied Smile
(Arch Rehabilitation)

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Every smile, a work of Art

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We take pride in making sure all of our patients leave 100% happy, with a bright smile.

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